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Nick Cameron
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Pam, thank you for posting this. Nat is the real "King" of music.
...and this is why we love you, Pam, and why I send you money to support the cause... "I found her to be a compassionate, fair and kind person. Yes, she is outspoken against Jihad, female genital mutilation, and Jew hate. Yes, she is a dedicated critic of terrorism and religious supremacy. Not because she hates Muslims, but because she loves freedom and believes in our Constitutional Republic. She expects that anyone who lives in a civilized world will treat all of their fellow human beings with kindness and respect and she is willing to stand against those who would enslave and dominate in the name of God; no matter which religion they happen to represent."
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2012 on ‘Brand X’ Inquisitr at Atlas Shrugs
Absolutley outrageous and unbelievable. This is the birthplace of democracy and my Father's homeland. To see the political and justice system hijacked by the Muslims is beyond comprehension. The rule of law has been crushed and been replaced by the totalitarian power of the state protecting an evil ideology. All Britons will pay for this. Their freedoms have been co-opted by evil.
An attack on sovereign British territory. Why didn't security forces shoot them? Will the British no longer even defend their embassies?
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Nov 29, 2011