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Nick Eisenman
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oh yah i forgot to say rondo is good and hes a great passer and there r a lot of great things about his game but he has issues he cant play defense and he constantly fights doc just look at the next Cs game and look at who rondo is supposed guard ull see him run around wide open and rondo will be nowhere around him
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Y r u guys attacking Eisenman thats my dad and hes just trying to make u guys realize how rondo is killings the Cs. Rondo mightve gotten a trip dub but he went 7 for 20 and made like 1 or 2 free throws and he got so any attempts. And lin had a bad game but he was beating rondo on he drive over and over again and baron davis was even beating rondo on the drive and davis is like 35. Rondo also missed like 10 wide open layups. TRADE RONDO!!!
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Mar 4, 2012