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Nick Scott
New York, NY
Assistant to the Publisher at Philanthropy News Digest, a service of the Foundation Center. Recently lived in London, where I received my M.A. in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, and East Jerusalem, where I volunteered with an NGO called Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy. Read more of my work at: and contact me at
Interests: My interests include international philanthropy, development, and civil society.
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Great point that has largely been lost in other aspects of the Kony 2012 controversy. There is much to criticize about the content of Invisible Children's advocacy, but there is nothing inherently wrong with having advocacy at the heart of its mission. Good nonprofits are often unfairly maligned for having too much "overhead" without thought being given to what they actually do.
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Interesting that @RedCross now has 560,000+ Twitter followers, more than twice the number they had when the incident happened ~8 months ago. I wonder how much of a boost the #gettingslizzerd Tweet provided...
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Thanks for the comment David. I would argue that certain provisions of the Patriot Act make it difficult for foundations or NGOs to operate in conflict zones out of fear of inadvertently providing designated terrorist groups with "material support", but that is probably a side issue in this case. There is no question that the problem is al-Shabaab and a weak Somali Transitional Federal Government that is unable to reassert control over the southern parts of the country. But given that reality, we have to weigh the benefits of deploying aid to the region against the risk of it directly or indirectly benefiting al-Shabaab.
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May 4, 2011