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Dec 2, 2015
You are your husband are one of the cutest couples on planet Earth!!!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2014 on Our Bikes are in Love at Soul Thumping
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Ha ha! Christmas songs traditionally annoy me, too! This year, I found a great channel on Sirius featuring the old old stuff which I adored. Symphonic, 1940s, and of course, my girl Karen Carpenter. Merry merry merry to you!!!
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Oh my goodness! I want MORE! I can't believe you stopped at this photograph!!!
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this article warmed my heart and provided a nice jolt of happiness to my day! dogs are, indeed, so amazing! my dog, gwendolyn, saved my life from 11 years of disordered eating. to thank gwendolyn, i give her with one fabulous adventure for each day of her life. please check out my blog to follow "the adventures of gwendolyn!" :)
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2011 on Working Hard for the Kibble at Planet Dog Blog
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Sep 6, 2011