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Actually Neoprene is a very difficult to matieral to dispose of. So the more waste that can be diverted from landfil or burning is a good idea. So bring on the beer.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on Save the Planet, Drink Beer at The Cleanest Line
Hi Tom I couldn't agree with you more. Globalism isn't about sustainability. That is what I thought was so great about this book, it explains what does dictate global trade and sustainability has not had a voice. Environmental laws and human rights need to be factored into business decisions, it cannot come as an after thought which is what is occurring for the most part. I have read Capitalism at the Crossroads - I am a big Stu Hart fan! Theorists have been talking for years now on how sustainability needs to be a part of business strategy. As well as the role of government and NGOs to uphold a model for business to operate and factor in sustainability. Now it is time for businesses to put this into practice.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2008 on Patagonia Reads with UCSB at The Cleanest Line
Hey Aunt Langie Glad you checked out the write up and were stoked to see the picture. I'll call you later with my new cell number! xo n