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There were more styles aside from the dropwaist that were noteworthy in the 20s that may be more flattering. An empire waist or a shirt waist perhaps? You can also opt to omit the waist all together and put emphasis at the collar and the dress fit very straight, slim through the hip. That would be historically accurate and equally flattering. If you insist on a dropwaist, though, you'd have more luck if you ruched the sides or took in the sides so that they hug your hips and there is no bulk on the upper half. The gathers should be placed at the sides and back and not the front (which could explain the sack thing that's going on). It looks like you're having more of a fit issue if anything. Anywho... Good luck!
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Well perhaps followers of black blogs could organize to complain to Mr. Kolb. I have his email if interested...
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Feb 26, 2010