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Nicos Gollan
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There's one thing to be said about the Corsair 600T case in general: lose the 200mm fans! I found them to be quite wobbly low-quality units, and they produce an annoying noise at any useful speed. The top fan can be disconnected without much trouble, but the front one needs replacement. Sadly there don't seem to be other fans fitting the case as-is (with a 150mm square mount). I'm currently thinking about installing a pair of 120mm Coolink fans that I have sitting around and which are almost inaudible even at full speed. The other annoying thing about the case is that it will produce loud cracking noises at the slightest temperature change, likely due to its weird mixed-material construction. So if you open a window, or start a game or application that increases power draw, things get loud for a while. In retrospect, I really shouldn't have bought it. Chances are that the plastic parts will turn rather more yellow than the painted metal over time.
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Aug 3, 2011