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The end of my BAP blogging week! I've been following up on Thursday's post on poetry-delivery methods and, rather sadly, am abandoning the last poetry-out-loud post I had originally planned and will instead use this last post to share what I have found on e-books. I've been exploring Smashwords (thanks, Dave Bonta!), an e-book publishing site which will take your ready-for-publication Microsoft Word doc and convert it free into multiple e-book formats. You may then list and sell them at the Smashwords site, which in turn takes a percentage of all sales proceeds. (You may also list your e-books there... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
Short post today, because I'm hoping you'll spend part of your BAP blog energy for the day checking out the wonderful reading performance below by Cin Salach, as well as that further down by Vachel Lindsay. Where does Cin Salach get the music from? How does she know what and where to sing? If you listen closely all the way through, you can hear that her voice is just like a bird poised on the edge of flight, on the edge of song, all the way through. It doesn't always take off, but it always just might. So lovely. Same... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
Whale Sound Audio Chapbooks has published four audio chapbooks so far. The original concept - which we thought pretty original for a chapbook at the time - was website-with-audio only. Each audio chapbook would have its own website, to which we would upload the poems as individual posts, each with its own audio, and that would be that. As we got feedback from readers, however, we realized that as a publisher a) we could do much more with the text and audio for very little extra effort and that b) we weren't asking the right question of the poetry consumer.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
Recording other people's poems for Whale Sound several times a week, I have learned deep in my bones what I already knew at a far more superficial level in my head - that reading a poem with your voice for an audience is nothing like reading a poem in your head for yourself. Nothing like it. I used to think of 'voice' as an organ of transmission - after all, it's how we make ourselves heard, how we communicate our needs to those around us. It's counter-intuitive to think of the voice as a means of information collection, as an... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
I found this the other day at PoetCasting: Stage and Page Poetry now broadly falls into two categories. Some poets consider themselves performance poets, and their work is performed exclusively for the stage. They might read at open mike nights, poetry slams and other live events. Other poets write to be read, appearing in the pages of poetry journals, magazines, anthologies and collections. There has long been this duality in poetry. PoetCasting aims to bring together poets from all backgrounds to share the medium of the internet. Here poets can be read and heard in one place. On the heels... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
How often do you read other people's poems (OPP) aloud for an audience? If you do, you know it's a rewarding experience that differs completely from reading your own poems aloud for an audience. I am obviously (given Whale Sound) a big proponent of reading OPP for an audience - I think the practice has enormous potential benefits for both the reader and the poet. It's a question we've addressed at length at Voice Alpha -- in this guest post by Rachel Dacus or this one by Kristin LaTour, for example (and if you have the patience, you can also... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
Welcome to poetry out loud week at the BAP blog! Warm thanks to blog management for giving me such a great soapbox upon which to indulge my ongoing obsession with poem-as-voice. How did that obsession start? I've found that a good way to satisfy curiosity about a dynamic in the poetry community is to launch a Ten Questions series - a specific set of ten questions posed to a group of online poets. I've done four series so far (list in the left-hand sidebar here), but the one that started me off on poetry out loud was Ten Questions on... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2011 at The Best American Poetry
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