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I'd suggest the worst hiring practice in community management is hiring brand evangelists. The worst of all possible worlds, no idea about tech skills, no idea about community skills, anyone with a twitter account is a social media expert so we'll ignore that. One thing I would caution against is those that "have far too much free time". There's an underbelly of very good, very skilled and highly motivated unemployed or underemployed. Not surprising when the unemployment rate runs at roughly 10%+. Those that tend to sneer at that group may be doing so through fear of losing their own job. The first three things you say to look for are all personality-based, then when suggesting what community managers should do at least two of those require technical/analysis skills. This would appear to contradict the earlier point about CMs not requiring technical skills. I agree that the reality is it doesn't take long to learn these skills but to find an outgoing, stats based, analytical cheerleader is rare. The roles of a CM are many, multi-skilled and multi-taskers that can do such a varied role are few and far between. @Laura/Rich/everyone else, Writing comes under content too.
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May 31, 2011