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Andrew Nier
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You're so busy these days! Will there ever be time for Memories of the Future Vol. 2?
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four year* Oops, typo
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This sounds exactly like my girlfriend and me. She'll never admit to liking Star Trek, but she' can now reference it in conversation without prompting. I totally agree with the gaming part too. She didn't even want to be at the house with my "nerd friends" for barbecue and game night last week, but after one game of Settlers of Catan, she was hooked. Tomorrow is our five year anniversary, so I may have to have her read your post.
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Merry Christmas Wil. What's #1 on your wishlist this year?
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I made the same horrible mistake when I posted the Carl Sagan Cosmos remixes. The shit I took for not being current. For shame.
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Where did you get "Asteroid"? What band is it? I can see that piece being useful down the road.
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Dec 1, 2009