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Julie Niesen
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You can deactivate it on your "Manage my Kindle" screen. Or, you can call Amazon and they'll actually brick it for you. Handy (if frightening) feature.
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The nice thing about Amazon is they'll refund all of those purchases back to you. When I bought my husband's Fire when they first came out, I noticed a BUNCH of random Amazon charges to my account. Turns out someone who really liked Madea and Celine Dion (what?) stole my Fire while it was being shipped. I received an empty box the next day. Amazon not only replaced my Kindle but refunded all of my charges. I really wish that there was some password protection to the Fire (or at the very least they don't ship it with the account active, which wouldn't have helped you, I suppose)to prevent these sorts of things. Hey Kid, give Wil his Fire back. Geez.
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Sep 3, 2010