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@Yamin Basmilla I am very inspired by your last point! I paraphrase it as "The highly skilled professionals in an intrinsically motivated economy, must have come up from a mundane, unskilled, extrinsically motivated economy, or else how would they have been motivated to become skilled in the first place, and to develop a taste for challenge?" Money is just one of many metrics people use to compare each-other so they can continue to maintain the primate social hierarchy that rules their lives. I tried to explain this to my Father/Boss and I confirmed that it can sound like communist hippie bullcrap. But after much debate I fail to see his point of view. I am looking for legitimate opposition in these comments, and not finding much more than "come on you must admit you love money." which to my ears just sounds like "use our currency, because we has moar of it than you." Consider little big planet, which has a reputation based economy sort of like Stack Overflow. players create levels which are rated by other players in the public sphere, ratings then control publicity of the creations. However the players have created several other types of currency, (like elephant stickers) and attached value to them, presumably as a means of sidestepping the entrenched power hierarchy. I predict that many intrinsic motivators are alternative currencies that became valuable for similar reasons. I would also predict that anyone who values an alternative currency would deny it's alternativeness because doing so is subservient to the original purpose of becoming more powerful (a newcomer must take all measures to make a currency which they are rich in more ubiquitous)
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