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PDFs are most definitely not the answer for eBooks. I would argue that the old way of laying out content in a page specific format (e.g., for printers) is what should be dying out. Reflowable content is the best way to make content that works equally well on phones, tables, and desktop screens. This is what ePub is good for. Look into it! It's basically HTML and CSS plus a packaging mechanism. The problem isn't that the formatting in Amazon's eBook format is so incapable, but rather that the authors didn't give it significant time because they felt that the eBook version of their book was an afterthought. Even Amazon's DRM riddled format uses HTML. The actual code syntax is not what people are complaining about when they boo Amazon formats. So many people read this blog that opinions on matters you post often become standard accepted knowledge. I know that you just want to make eBooks better, but in this case, some research on the topic and discussions with other knowledgeable people working with eBooks would help to keep a lot of misinformation from spreading.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2012 on Books: Bits vs. Atoms at Coding Horror
Don't bother purchasing an Apple TV to play the content you purchased - the Apple TV doesn't play anything iTunes won't play. iTunes plays very few formats, so it would be a complete waste of money. Just strip the DRM.
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Jun 24, 2010