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Interests: Green building, zero net energy homes, gypsy jazz guitar, woodworking
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Barry - great post, as always. This is what amazes me about how slow businesses are to get on the green bandwagon. They're supposed to be optimizing their use of money, and seem to not be able to do so effectively. And those like Adobe that do, then proceed to get huge advantages, that continue to grow over time.
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Barry - Janine is pretty amazing, isn't she? And what's great is that a lot of the innovations she's been talking about are starting to come out of the labs. I'd also recommend her talk at PopTech 2004, which can be downloaded from IT Conversations (
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Barry, I don't completely agree that "Nothing else matters." But, I do agree that if Obama doesn't put a lot of focus on the issue of sustainability and energy, we've at minimum lost an important opportunity. As you say, we can't solve the climate crisis, at least with the tools we have today. On the other hand, we can, in meantime before we *can* solve it (which we have to hope for), do a lot to mitigate our impact on the climate. There's simply no realistic way to get China and India down to zero-net new emissions, much less the overall reduction of emissions that the U.S. and Europe will have to step up to. My personal goal? In five-ten years have all new residences built in California (50,000/yr) use half the energy or less they use today. That can be done with NO new technology or even expensive solar panels, but just through better design to achieve efficiencies. You mention this elsewhere on your blog and you, like I, are a fan of Amory Lovins, who preaches this. BTW, nice to see your blog - I love the design. Check out more of my thoughts on the same topics on my blog: "Keeping The Lights On @
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