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Wil, I definitely go by word of mouth. I am a slow gamer so I really have no need to buy things when they first come out. I usually just watch friends play new games first and decide what I think from their experience. I love my friends but sometimes even that backfires and I end up playing/owning/buying something I don't care for in the least. I haven't ever tried checking out public message boards to start up a conversation with actual gamers. I should try that sometime! Never even crossed my mind scarily. I have some old systems I would like to build libraries for and that sounds like an excellent way to get in touch with some fans of the system. I think review sites/mags are a good tool if you like to play anything and everything because they are better suited to a well-rounded audience that is willing to try a lot of different styles of games. I think for people that are more interested in certain genres they just fail miserably. I don't think that's their fault though. They have to keep the largest possible audience interested in their reviews (aka short and sweet to go with our short attention spans :P). They also can't go off on how it's similar to game X and Y but better at A, B, C which tends to be how me and my friends compare games. They don't have the opportunity to delve into all the subtleties of why they like it, otherwise they'd be writing novels that no one would read. *shrugs* I will admit there's nothing like reading honest reviews of terrible games and watching people struggle to write something remotely kind about the game in question! I came across a couple old issues of PSM I had laying around. I just died laughing at the horrible reviews of all the trash that came out on the PS1.
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Apr 20, 2011