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This is a controversial topic and a well written and balanced post. I am very surprised to the lack of commentary. The system is showing "wear & tear" but I too don't believe it's demise is coming very soon. But there are adjustments being made and the system will become more fluid as more wine biz people figure out different ways to use & abuse the system currently in place.
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So what's your prediction on the Euro vs. Dollar becoming more reasonably balanced?
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Thanks for posting this story, it's been a very long week and as the power continues to come on we are seeing just how bad this storm was. Normal will be different going forward. We dealt with Irene last year and now this. Luckily this storm came after the locals had harvested. But how long will it be for Fire Island, Mastic, Babylon, Long Beach, Bayside, Rockaways, all the places south of Houston to get back to what may be the new normal. Just had a little gathering at a friends with power and we all mentioned that the amount of wine consumed this last week was quite a bit above normal. Wonder if FEMA will pick-up our increased wine bills? Good luck with your Mom getting back to her place.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2012 on The Rescue at The Feiring Line
Jeff ~ I am not sure how the regulators can get involved if free shipping is offered as that is already offered within the 3-tier system from the newbies (Lot18) and the classics (Sherry-Lehmann). Shipping of wine is the key, and while digital wine is not possible, Amazon became the beast they are prior to digital books. The costs of shipping wine is weighed down by legislation and inefficiencies, not heavy bottles... I can get free-shipping on digital books, heavy books and even a couch or appliance. Problem is that wine has to ship to a port in NJ, then a wine warehouse (Western or the such), then to a retailers place (Sherry-Lehmanns Warehouse in Brooklyn), then to the end consumer in any state including California... where a French wine could have started its journey at say a Berkley Importers. I wonder how many Union hands have touched the average wine bottle in the system?
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2012 on Winebits 249: Amazon wine at The Wine Curmudgeon
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D2C has quite good growth and tripling could be a modest increase but there are many barriers to that growth. The USPS getting the ability to ship wine could really tip the issue quite nicely. So the gov't could eventually "pressure" states to get those 4,000 laws down to a handful and then maybe the actual price of shipping wine and the price of wine may get some adjustments made! The future is both bright and messy for wine...change is good but some won't like it :)
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Another great insight into what's really going on in the wine industry. I am rooting for the consumer to become most important through technology and crowd-sourced wine critics. Time will tell.
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Apr 23, 2012