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Noel Maurer
Interests: My current research asks whether foreign governments or international institutions can improve economic governance. Is it possible to alter a country’s property rights system from the outside? This research has two prongs. The first is a historical work, tentatively entitled Imperial Experiments: Intervention, Economic Growth, and Property Rights, which tests various hypotheses about the success and failure of American attempts to improve economic governance outside the United States and protect the property rights of U.S. investors before World War II. The second is a series of contemporary case studies about attempts to alter nations’ internal economic governance from the outside: bilateral investment treaties, investor protection clauses in trade agreements, conditional loans, the “mortgaging” of export revenues, vulture funds, and military intervention. I also watch a lot of baseball, enjoy very bad music, and do a lot of travelling. The travel tends to be either in total luxury, or to places where I need to wear body armor and live in constant fear of, well, death.
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Feb 11, 2016
Noel Maurer is now following Reihan Salam
Feb 11, 2016
For at least a decade. Coincidentally, Kevin Drum just wrote something cogent on this issue: Here is a nice graph (with links to the source data and an explanation of how ideology is measured): And here is more data on the subject, sliced six ways from Sunday, from Pew's polling: The assumption behind your question was true for most of the second-half of the 20th century. It hasn't been for at least a decade; only in the past few years has public perception caught up with reality. Welcome to the new United States! It's a strange place.
Why do you give me no love, John Quiggin?
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