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Noel Meyer
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This is my first time. Meh, ok that sounds wrong, but it's pretty much true. I dont generally read blogs, they're usually either too voyeuristic, too much fluff or too specific topic oriented for my taste, but yours and Neil Gaiman's I've found fascinating. There's something pleasantly candid here that feels just insider enough to make me feel, I dunno, connected? without feeling like I'm in some stranger's living room where I dont belong. Anyways, I appreciate it, thank you. I'm not sure how you managed to go from the kid on Star Trek, that I watched when I was a kid, to the strong voice you are in the geek culture today, but I've gotta say I'm impressed, and I'm glad that a chance encounter with Felicia Day at Gen Con (she asked me for my picture in my steampunk wheelchair, which was amazingly surreal and I'm certain I came across like an absolute dork) ended up with me tracking down your blog.
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Jul 26, 2011