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William Noetling
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Hey Wil! Re-reading the above quote about the movie made me look it up on the IMDB to see which actor you worked with on Mr. Stitch, and have a couple of questions, if you don't mind. If you do, well then...feh on Wil Wheaton, you have a new mortal enemy! No, not really, you've always been a cool dude to me, and even though I honestly didn't like Wesley back in the day (hey I didn't enjoy TNG until the third season) I've found the character to be so much more interesting NOW that I'm not the same age...hee. Anyway enough flattery. Question: So the actor you starred in Mr. Stitch who's initials are RH, he was really hard to work with? This distresses me because I love his work, and he's one of my faves. Would you, have you or can you elaborate further? Question Two: YOU WERE IN LAST STARFIGHTER? Holy CRAP I LOVE THAT MOVIE. Would you, could you, have you shared your experience on that film? Thanks. Fan - fellow William
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Hey Wil, what's your take on Sheldon's sexuality? Michael Aussiello had a piece on the character this morning, you've been on the show, any insight? Not that it matters, but I think that Sheldon is one of the best characters on TV, and I relish another round between Evil Wil and Sheldon. Oh and that comic book store set, is it as geeky as it truly appears? Do you think they truck in new comics each week? Do they have a Diamond account I wonder?
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Feb 9, 2010