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@pdxnag - What race are you referring to? Since I assume you are talking about Jihad loving muslims, last time I checked they come from many ethnicities(races) and nationalities. So therefore I come to the obvious conclusion that muslim is not a race. It is at best a political ideology, one that frequently plays it's "race" and victimhood card, while simultaneously speaking out of the other side of their mouth and screaming Death to America and Death to Israel! We are not screaming death to you, we just want you to stop threatening us and our friends and go back to your own sandbox! And while I am at it, stop treating your women like dirt, and stop killing your own people who disagree with your ideology!
If I was the employer, I would simply state that if you don't like it here . . . there's the door! With so many people out of work in our current economic climate finding a suitable replacement should be fairly easy. These demands are just plain ludicrous. Think of it this was, what if every employees of every faith made similar demands of the employer. Now the employer has to either deny all of the demands (the fiscally smart move) or make concessions for every group thereby incurring higher costs which will eventually be passed onto the customer. Do muslim customers want to be supporting non-muslim religious interests? My guess would be no more than we non-muslims want to support their religious interests. In fact, I may go as far as to state that the muslim group might possibly start rioting and destroying the very community that they live in to make their point. With Islam there is NO religious tolerence. May God almighty help us all. We need him now more than ever. Minnesota, your are in my prayers constantly. Iesu no ka Haku!
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Aug 10, 2011