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I'd totally buy that shirt - "Gamer Monkey - 'I'm in your bag, touching your dice!'"
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I jumped to the end to say at, as someone who also celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary in November, congratulations. At the risk of sounding sappy, I never really realized what I could be until a little over a decade ago. So good on you for a decade down, many more to go!
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If I may, on a conscious level I’m sure you did, in fact, mean to write “bloating”. However I believe your Freudian-esque slip of “boating” belies your sub-conscious’s deeper understanding of the true nature of the modern electronic device. Yes, devices are in fact gaining in functionality. Manufacturers clearly see this as a means to greater market share. They see it as a “life boat”, if you will, as in “everybody in the life boat”. They believe the addition of functionality into this grand “boat” will allow them to stay afloat in the crashing waves of the ever changing market. This “boating” clearly has a tipping point, however, where it all begins to capsize. It’s the point where the women and children that make up the fundamental core “boat” of the product begin to panic and cry because there aren’t enough supplies in the boat to keep everyone alive for very long. And on many modern devices, those supplies can’t be refreshed unless you return them to the manufacturer… ship…. whatever. Hence we have a real problem as we move from the “boating” of piece of software’s necessary and sympathetic elements to the addition of the fat guy from 4G that keeps hogging the shrimp at the midnight buffet (you know who you are). So your base point is still accurate in that, in fact, while boating might seem like the ideal way to stay afloat, it is inherently less stable and more prone to upset than the bedrock on which the ship …. manufacturer… whatever… has already crashed.
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2009 on boating our software at WWdN: In Exile
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You know amber, you could probably break down the two major parties similarly. Not all Republicans are right wing nutjobs. Nor are all Democrats left wing tree huggers. Each party has an extremely vocal minority that taints the whole party, especially in the eyes of the opposition. Unfortunately, if you're not in the middle of that party observing from the inside, you'd probably miss that fact completely. Instead, each party gets painted with the most extreme brush. The problem is that our leaders seem to want to look only at THAT canvas (to over use an analogy) when making policy, especially the leaders of the Republicans, at least right now.
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