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Nola Nimrod
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I had a '60 bug-eyed Sprite. It was great! I think a Singer Sewing Machine had a bigger engine (I think top speed on a straightaway was around 75)but MY GAWD it was fun! It could drive in circles on one side of a divided city boulevard. And sitting in it was just like standing behind a woman, peering over her shoulder, and looking down her dress. It was even more fun than Maxwell Smart's signature car: a Sunbeam Tiger. And it made driving a real adventure. I showed up at my high school senior prom with grease to the elbows.
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Hmmmmmmmm. What do YOU think?
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2009 on No Posting Today at ShrinkWrapped
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AND... nobody has to put up a dummy TV antenna so the Joneses won't pity him.
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