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Vinnie, We already talked about this in the EI thread. Your premise is flat out wrong. Your argument hinges on a fatal flaw, which is that future technology spending by CMOs will be an extension of what they already spend. Highlighting Google and Omniture is precisely why that is misplaced, those budgets are driven by two historical artifacts of marketing spend, campaign-based initiatives and web analytics for owned content. What I, and many others, have been arguing is that marketing technology spending will increase AND SHIFT to process and data applications that are oriented to a form of earned media content and have more impact than campaign performance. Marketing organizations are now expected to impact the organization across the board, from creating demand to improving retention and shopping cart economics to feeding the product development processes. You are critical of vendors for talking down to CMOs and it would be a hell of a lot more useful to provide examples of this instead of histrionics, but I will tell you the reason why we spend so much time working with marketing professionals on technology strategy is because that is where they ask us to go. I can't even quantify how many CMOs I have talked with that express a general sense of exasperation about what is expected of them in their organization and how significant the skills gap is on their teams to accomplish the 21st century mission.
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A tsp of cinnamon is a nice addition to this drink.
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Let's hope the Spaniards learned lessons from their foray into solar:
The office supply binder clips have a moderately sharp edge that scratches cabinets or if like in my kitchen... the warming drawer (which never seems to get used for warming anything). Clips are great for securing a wide range of things, it's surprising how many uses you can find for them when you have 'em handy. The Oxo Good Grips are better, IMO, because they are much wider than the ones you feature and cost the same.
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