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Beautifully said, Wil. And this was something I was hoping to hear on the event of this anniversary. Thank you for saying it. I wish that chair had been there too, and I wish even more that River could have filled it. I was born in '75, and so you, Corey, Jerry, and River were around the same ages shooting the movie as my friends and I were watching it when it was released. River was the one whose pictures I carefully slit out of copies of Tiger Beat and 16. Then I passed the balance of the mags to my classmates, who all liked Kirk Cameron, whom I had no use for! It still always seems sort of like he must have just decided, as some people do, to duck out of the spotlight, and one of these days he will be back in our lives, all sandy-haired high-cheekboned beauty. I guess I still have a crush on him. -Jocelyn
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Mar 29, 2011