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Nora K
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Whil Wheaton, I love your brain. And I will now be singing that song all day at work. Have fun at the con, and tell all of us what your epiphany was when you get back!
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I wish I was in LA for this storm. Santa Cruz is getting hit fairly hard. Not too bad, but it's the first year I'm living in the actual mountains, and being woken up by a flash of lightning and lots loud rumbles that could be thunder or could be trees/hillsides coming down on my house is a bit scary. Also, trying to drive to school when there are trees blocking the road? And not having power for two days? *grumble* However I'm totally gonna go make a paper boat during this break in the storm. And that will make everything alllll better!
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Wil, my brother just gave me Memories of the Future as a Chanukah present last night. Best present ever. I would listen to the podcast while waiting for class to start, and now I have the book! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome memories with us. I can't wait for volume two. Best wishes for a great holiday.
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Dec 15, 2009