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NorCal Wingman
Sonoma County
Thirty-Something guy living in Sonoma County, raising a family and working on my MBA.
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@norcalwingman - "I Rock, don't bother looking elsewhere, I will get the job done, 'nuff said. #TwitterSocialMediaMaestro" Good luck with the job hunt! Cheers Brian norcalwingman
Yeah! Good On Elizabeth. You echo my sentiment exactly. If it's good drink, cool! If not, no harm no foul (except the wine perhaps). Trust me some folks who really believe in it (go visit a semi-well-known winery in Hopland) are "REALLY INTO IT." Not to the point of Manson Family antics, but approaching fundamentalist views. As for the marketers, well, consumers have the final say don't they? Cheers Brian norcalwingman
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on Is Biodynamics a Hoax? at Vinotology Wine Blog
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Jul 22, 2010
Break out the Bovine horns filled with poop and sprinkle the magic dust on your vineyards. The wine fairies will bless your vines and produce extra special elixer that season. 0_o Hey, it can't really hurt right? Cheers Brian norcalwingman
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on Is Biodynamics a Hoax? at Vinotology Wine Blog
Watch out for a crazy cracker riding a BMW Motorcycle up Hwy 121 on Thursday evening. He'll be holding a bottle of Pinot and a video camera! Peace! norcalwingman
Ben, interesting read from your "bad" section, specifically the comments on the post. I'm always intrigued by how polarizing the whole climate change topic is. And you are right, Suburban Wino is friggin High-Larious! Cheers brother Brian norcalwingman
Josh, I think you got some cigarette taint! ;-) Mine's still drinking like a champ (er was last week) Cheers! Brian
I still have some of my box left, as of last week it was still a decent drinker, in fact, I may have to give it a go tonight, this will be week 4 I believe. And mad props to this wine for the checkboxes on the century list! Woot! Brian
I'm more for the "if it's good and you like it, drink it" bunch, but as a fellow wino, I guess my expectations are tainted or at least tilt toward typicity. But at the end of the day, it's the lips, tongue and nose of the final consumer that matter the most... Wouldn't you agree? Cheers Ben, great post! Brian
Ben, Thanks so much for the shout out! Sun is finally in our forecast. Love that your wife tortures you when sauced! Good stuff man. Cheers Brian
Cool! Maybe I'll get lucky and we'll have some wine blogger event out here in Sonoma County and get to meet you guys in person. Thanks to both of you for providing us with great wine info! Cheers Brian
Thanks, Ben (Gene Simmons)Simons
Two Uglies for you: 1. The European Grapevine Moth, the latest critter invader. 2. Like Tim said above. The economy is killing wine prices, I haven't had the experience of buying a bottle then seeing it dollars cheaper (yet). However, when fancy wineries are slashing prices, it hints at a shaky future for expensive wines. Not that I think that's all that bad, but if quality starts to suffer, or wineries leave the market, it could be devastating. Cheers, Brian
Viognier is always a fun wine, especially with the warmer weather coming on. This Rhone varietal is a great change-up from the standards (Chard/Sauv Blanc). Ever have a Chateauneuf du Pape with Viognier in the blend? --Brian
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Apr 13, 2010