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Aj Nordall
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Okay, the home brews sound fantastic! Maybe I'll have to test that out and see if there are some beers I'll enjoy on a more regular basis. In other news, just thought I'd share a little exchange between my 11yo nephew and myself last night as I was introducing him to the "The Two Live Crew Job" episode of Leverage for the first time. Him: Who's that? Me: Uncle Willy. I mean, Wil Wheaton. Remember in Stand By Me? [one of his FAVE movies] Him: That's him? Wil Wheaton's got a cool first name. Me: Yeah, but his only has one l. Him: Only one? So I'm twice as cool because I have two? Me: For that comment? Yeah, buddy. Thought you might enjoy that because his mom and I are totally turning him into a geek worthy of being one of Uncle Willy's fans.
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Stylistically, I think I lean toward eclectic and colorful the most. It really depends on my mood, what I'm making, and whom the item is for.
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Aug 10, 2011