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We never had Highlights in the house growing up. Loved it at the dentists office. The receptionist was the dentist's wife and she had a very strict "no writing in the magazines" policy. Now, for home reading: Dynamite!
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I don't think I have many dice in possession anymore that I actually purchased for myself. At our gaming table in high school and college, we found that "cursed" dice tended to only be cursed for the buyer. So if you rolled too many 1s or 2s, there was always a kindly soul at the table who would trade your bad die for a good one (and proceed to immediately roll 20 on your bad die). So my dice bag is chock-full of dice that other players purchased. Except my Ghostbusters D6 from the West End Game. We house-ruled that one into use in just about every kind of game we played. If the ghost came up "something strange happened" at the whim of the DM/GM.
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Oct 4, 2010