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Great decision and appropriate penalties given out. For those complaining about consistency - the league already said they were going to up the ante on the penalties after the Davies incident. Good for the league. While I don't want them to go overboard, I think a 1 or 2 game suspension is totally appropriate. I wouldn't mind seeing the team fined in addition to the player, as well. Diving does not *have* to be part of the game. I think MLS is getting this one right.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2011 on Saborio suspended, fined for dive at Soccer By Ives
I think that's about right - the talent gulf between the US and other isn't so severe that we aren't going to lose more than a few that we shouldn't. And we really don't create enough chances and finish well enough. Nothing surprising there. HOWEVER, you do have to question why the US was *so* badly outplayed in the first 60 minutes. It wasn't that the US had all these chances and couldn't finish; the US wasn't creating much at all. That is what the focus should be on -- the poor possession, the lack of good movement, the lack of bite in the midfield, etc, etc, etc. Either way, there are more games and hopefully growth to come out of this team and coaching staff. Not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water but this was a bad defeat. Got to move forward and find some answers but Panama provided an interesting blueprint on how to take it to the US.
Lame post. Why not just enjoy the good play of all three? Why deny that it wasn't working great until Rodgers came into the lineup?
anyone else having trouble with Cover It Live being clipped on the right side so no scroll bar available?
Total tangent -- but was it me or did they cut away from live field action for more replays, pans to the coaches, pointless close-ups on players, etc. than usual? I found it frustrating. Back on topic. Great first half by RSL, incredible finish by Morales in the second half. I don't know why RSL couldn't string a few more passes together in the second half (especially early in the half before they were totally gassed.) Just the same, fun game to watch and will be rooting hard for MLS boys in the return leg.
I read this article and am already trying to plan a trip down with the family. Thought it might be a fun experience for the kids to see how the pros train up close. I think creating this type of facility and atmosphere is a *great* idea.
I think the move is understandable in the context of winning now (provided they bring in one more player from abroad) but will be viewed poorly within 2 years if they don't win MLS Cup. Bowen is closer to prime time than not. He looks like a future star and if he develops as early as next year, the trade will look downright silly unless Galaxy win the cup. Here's hoping it works out for the Galaxy and Bowen. Just because he has been traded off the Galaxy doesn't mean I'll stop rooting for him.
Raffi Male 38 Reno, NV Teams - National: US, Brazil Teams - Club: Galaxy, Arsenal, Barcelona SBI: since its inception, I think
Have to agree with most. I tuned in to watch as a soccer and MLS fan whose team wasn't in it and kind of had to gut it out to get through the game. The play was so ragged, it was disappointing. The atmosphere was really weak. Have to agree with everyone on that. One more nit, I just surfed over to ESPN and the game is like the 7th article in their top events box. Yeesh. The MLS championship is below who the Mets are going to name as their next manager. Sad. Just sad.
Ah yes, the old 'size and athleticism' argument. In this case, 5' 3" is awfully short so I am not going to put up much of a fight except to point out that yes, there are players that tall playing in top leagues around the world who do not have Messi-esque skill. Rare but possible. Not that Giggsy indicated otherwise, but there is nothing wrong with players - short or big - who have high soccer IQs, excellent technical ability and bring something to the game. Sure, combined w/size and athleticism that is great but I hate hearing people dismiss a player at any level due to size.
Egads FOX Soccer is reporting that Gooch isn't out for fitness reasons and that it was a selection choice by Bradley. If so, that is a roll of the dice. Well, Bob, if that is accurate this decision may well define your tenure as coach. Here's to you coming out looking like a genius and not some strung out gambler. Wonder if Ives is behind the Fox news item or not.
Gooch must have an injury or Bradley is concerned about him getting injured. I can't imagine him being held out for any other reason -- never heard of a coach saving a player in a must win game. That would be crazy over confidence. Hope it is nothing serious. Hate seeing the defense shuffled for such a big game when we've already had plenty of communication issues. Just the same, it is what it is. Here's hoping they play great as a unit and keep the ball out of the net for the first clean sheet in who knows how long.
I'm curious about Edu as cover for center back. Wonder why they aren't looking at Spector there.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2010 on USMNT practice observations at Soccer By Ives
For this game, I couldn't agree more. And while the Galaxy total shape and defense were very good, their ability to connect three passes together -- for the second straight game -- was quite poor. Juninho or someone else in the middle of the park has to be able to link better. Speaking of being awful, Justin Braun was miserable.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on Galaxy dominate Chivas USA, 2-0 at Soccer By Ives
Anyone else see this image? It is commissioner Garber shaking hands with Donovan after the agreement was reached. Check out the pad he was taking 'notes' on during the negotiations. Apparently, doodling during meetings is universal, no matter how 'important' the meeting. Apparently he even found time to color.
Is that really a good 'tandem' -- curious how they will work off one another.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2010 on Real Salt Lake signs Saborio at Soccer By Ives
My biggest concern was Donovan's lack of involvement and the usual inability for the team to string together passes consistently. There were 1 or 2 nice moments where they strung a few together but they are going to have to be better than that. That said, I don't know how anyone couldn't be pleased by the way they kept their shape and defended the first half. A little less kickball out of the back would be nice but that's just being picky. I guess what I am trying to say is that I agree with Ives b/c the lineup performed mostly to expectation and did a good job against a very good team. We are just hurting at forward and if Donovan isn't more involved in the offense then we tend not to have any.
It is tough to keep watching this slop. Hull is miserable. I don't know who I would compare these bottom two sides to but, seriously, they don't look too different from MLS teams. Don't want to start the whole discussion thing but the best from MLS are probably worse (IMO) but they can't be far off.
Well, we now know the answer to which 19yr olds want to put in extra running. The answer is those that want to stay in more than 55 mins. Seriously, I would have pulled him too. He looked tire. If he wasn't tired, he looked very casual and uninspired in his effort. Even the way he closes down defenders. He is still young, but they used to rave about his attitude, etc. when he was in MLS. Neither he or Fagan looked remotely dangerous but at least Fagan was running around.
But I will add, boy, does Hull look terrible overall. The whole team seems to lack, well, skill and heart/effort.
Totally correct. He doesn't seem to know where to be. And he doesn't seem to challenge to occupy a defender -- even when it is clear you won't win the ball, you should at least challenge. Really, you root hard for the guy and he isn't getting good service but he isn't showing particularly well either. Poor touch/not precise enough/doesn't battle hard enough. Hopefully, something better in the next 45.
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