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Ed Jenkins ""The people of Florida would never support this attempt by drug dealers to sneak their product into our state in a somewhat legal manner harming our citizens and youth."" Drug dealers are against any form of legalization,,why would a criminal support a law that was going to cost him some customers? Legalization takes the market off the streets,,or is it your contention no marijuana is in FLA yet?
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At what point do politicians realize that it doesn't matter what their personal opinion on medical marijuana is nor what the federal government or it's appointed bureaucrats think,,when they start losing their jobs over it many will have an epipehany. Get loud and get proud,,just don't go baked,,the guy that forgets what his question was will be the only guy on TV news.
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Apparently the AG has received an overdose of lobby money and has not seen the special report on CNN by Dr Gupta because if she had she would not be calling for the initiative to be thrown out,,nobody that has seen that report can deny the medical efficacy of cannabis and to do so is inhumane.
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Please explain to me how you can grab at straws in the bible,such as the anecdotal verse that may or may not mean what you think it does because it can be interpreted by every person that reads it differently,and ignore a direct edict from God? Genesis 1:29 29 ¶And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. I will stand in front of my God and ask for forgiveness,if it is necessary for using his herb,,you ""real"" Christians can tell him how you think he is wrong to create the hemp plant.
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Ending the war on drugs will help remove two terrorist organizations from the world,,the DEA and the cartels. Both are willing to kill innocent people to reach their goals,,spend billions of dollars like it was water,,and neither is for the "good" of the people,,but furthering their own agenda is their only achievable goal. The ONDCP and our congress fully realize that no punishment will ever make people not want to feel good and that morality cannot be legislated but it is similar to drinking from a spitoon,,once you start,it is hard to stop. What amazes me is that America has bought into the propaganda these "drug warriors" have crammed down it's throat for 40 years. Example: 376,000 people checked into emergency rooms and it was marijuana related. Truth: 376,000 people checked into emergency rooms and listed marijuana on the "recently used drugs" questionon the admittance report. During the same period of time,,7.2 million people listed alcohol on the same question. Wake up America,,you are being played.
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Oct 8, 2011