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Norm Kaiser
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What happened to Bob Griese? Wasn't he in the booth at game's start?
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Chomping gum while being drafted #1 = douchebag. Great.
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What's up with Tannehill chomping gum? Not very classy.
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Mike McCoy is the man. Want a young Shula? Well, the first criterion must be someone young, right? You can just tell McCoy has the "it" factor. He's got that intangible charisma that guys like Wade Phillips, Cam Cameron, Tony Sparano, and Norv Turner don't. Iconic coaches have that "it" factor. You can just look at guys like Shula, Landry, Belichick, JJ, and Bear Bryant and see "it."
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Miami has some of the most fair weather fans in the entire league. If the team wins a few games, the owner's a genius. If they lose a few games, the owner is the "worst in franchise history." Oh, wait, there's only been three owners. "I also know the one person that has shown interest that would be worthwhile, Billick (whose resume is similar to Gruden's if you look at it) isn't even on the radar because of 1 play from one game." You really buy this hogwash?! It was entirely concocted by Armando Salguero. It's a completely bogus story invented by a sports writer desperately in need of something to blog about. I don't doubt the "You cost me $40 million!" story. But are we really to believe that a smart, funny guy like Billick didn't get that Ross was pulling his leg? And we really to believe that Ross was entirely soured by Billick because of that one game the Ravens lost to the Cam Cameron Dolphins?! Please. Everyone has bad games. Ross, like all other human beings, understands that. "Even sparano was frustrated by Ireland not supporting moves he wanted to make..." You mean that awesome Kyle Orton deal Sparano wanted? Thank goodness Ireland and Ross didn't fall for that boondoggle. And so Ross invites Fergie and JLo to perform at the games? So what? For real? So the owner wants to give the fans more entertainment buck for their what?! I can see Miami fans now, carrying pitchforks and torches, wanting to burn Ross' house down. A reporter comes up and asks why they're mad and they say, "Because that idiot Ross brought Fergie in to sing the national anthem...and it cost us nothing at dare he give us more entertainment for the price of admission! How dare he!"
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You now, I'm really sick and tired of all the hate directed toward Stephen Ross. Stop it already. The guy is an awesome owner. He sincerely and passionately wants the team to win and is willing to spend megabucks, if necessary, to do it. He recognizes the importance of a dynasty coach and a franchise quarterback, which is what we've been dying for since they ran Shula out of town. I want a dynasty, not a flash-in-the-pan championship season. Then you have these joker writers like Armando Salguero who need something to write about -- although they have no real concept of what they're writing about -- so they stir the pot and make something out of nothing. So Ross tried to land Fisher and couldn't because Miami doesn't have a franchise QB. It's not Ross' fault Miami doesn't have a franchise QB. Blame that on the fact that they always draft in the middle of the pack and by then, all the big name QBs are gone. And enough already about the Harbaugh interview. So Ross had what he believed was an OK coach in Sparano. He saw an opportunity to sign an excellent coach in Harbaugh. He interviewed Harbaugh, but Harbaugh went to SF. So what? That's called lighting a fire under the butt of the OK coach to get his act together. So what?!? Stop it already with Ross. Miami fans don't know how good they've got it. It could be worse. We could have an owner with a desire to move the team to LA.
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Jan 14, 2012