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Dave Nothhelfer
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I think research on white sharks is fundamental to our understanding of marine ecosystems. We still have no idea how many white sharks even live off our coast. Researchers have been studying white sharks off the Farallons for decades without using stressful methods of tagging which endanger the animal. If we don't know how many white sharks exist, but we do know there are not great numbers of them, then why are we allowing such great risks to be taken to capture them and obtain data which we already have. I wish NOAA would take a more critical look at how they manage large mega fauna. I think this problem of how NOAA manages large species is more abundant than just white sharks. Similar controversial management strategies occurred with the Hawaiian Monk seal and with the management of tiger sharks in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. I think more pressure needs to be placed on NOAA to review it’s management strategies and to truly consider specie conservations as a priority.
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Nov 17, 2009