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Hmmm. I'm always a bit uncomfortable with the idea of "enjoying coding" too much in the workplace and having passion for it sometimes. Maybe it's because the majority of the coding I have done is in hard engineering fields requiring precise results, and the coders I've worked with who enjoy it enough to go home and code, are often the ones who go all Architecture astronaut the next day and come up with difficult "clever" solutions to simple problems, or get bored with the (necessarily mundane) task you set them and reinvent the dialog box instead (only BETTER). I enjoy my job as a software engineer. It gives me interesting technical challenges fairly often, and a reasonable pay packet. It's a million times better than the factory my dad flogged himself for 60-70 hours a week in. I think I'm fairly good at it. I can easily envisage myself continuing for another 10-20 years on top of the 10 I have done in the field. But it's just a job I leave at work I would never describe myself as Passionate about coding though, it's just an interesting/useful skill. Maybe it's just a terminology thing. maybe you'd describe what I have as "passion" I dunno.
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Apr 29, 2013