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Italy will only have to wait one year for a chance at revenge against Spain. Their victory over Germany qualified them for the Confederations Cup next year since Spain qualifies as the World Cup holders.
Who was the blogger that said the Red Bulls had a terrible superdraft?
Fantastic goal, and the pass was fantastic too!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2012 on Must-See Goal: Alvaro Negredo at Soccer By Ives
Too bad about the USA-Mexico rivalry in WCQ play. But this is part of the WORLD Cup, and that means as much world-wide participation as possible. In the current system a team like Barbados played 2 games against a giant and were eliminated, They lost 9-0 aggregate to the US, and were knocked out in a way that hurt their development.The new Concacaf way gives them a chance to at least grab a win or a couple of draws. If the World Cup was only about the best then Ireland, Russia and Turkey would have been in the finals ahead of North Korea, New Zealand and Honduras. The World Cup's main mission is to publicize and grow the sport world-wide, particularly in countries where the sport is not number one. The new way helps grow the sport amongst the minnows in Concacaf, and that is good. In many of those minnow countries, baseball and cricket are the number one sports. I think the new way will give soccer a boost there.
Not only is Henry not ready to play in 2 days, but if I were the RB I would never do anything to give the crew (or the revs) a sell-out, except if it was playoff game. Let their fans be disappointed.
Ives, weren't the MetroStars also down a man in that game?
Funny, funny, funny. It will be even funnier when we hoist the Cup! Go USA!
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on Italy cuts Giuseppe Rossi at Soccer By Ives
I saw Irving Garcia in 2008 at an NCAA playoff game at St John's. He was really impressive. Size will be an issue, but his skill is definitely there. He is an ACM of the Cienfuegos type. I believe he is Guatemalan but has USA citizenship. Not really sure.
"What in Hull? Get the flock out of here!"
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on Jozy Altidore's Wooly Road Block at Soccer By Ives
Goodson hasn't gotten the publicity of the others, but he is solid, fast, and experienced.
Here's another chant for you: Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos, Estados Unidos.
He's like a young John Harkes. Well we know Harksey is always dissing Dempsey, nope, it couldn't be another case of nepotism? No way! But you never know.
I wonder if Landon is going to play in Honduras. He has a yellow card, It is wiser to save him for Costa Rica at home.
I blame the Fire too. They brought JCO into the MLS coaching ranks when he was nothing more that a trainer with one year of coaching experience in Colombia. Getting rid of JCO before he caused damage to them has to rank up there as one of Chicago's luckiest breaks of all time, just behind getting Michael Jordan with the #2 pick in the draft.
The 3 clowns are ruining a big investment. They just keep making bad decision after bad decision. When they look for a new player they over-evaluate foreign experience. When they want to save money, they don't re-sign their best player. The coach thinks his players are deck chairs on the Titanic and keeps shuffling them around. He has no leadership. There has to be a new regime and a focused direction that "sees" things realistically. If it were up to me, I would like to see Harkes as the GM, and Ritchie as the coach.
So why couldn't they call in Brian McBride for one game? After all it is in Chicago.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2009 on Ching out for Honduras qualifier at Soccer By Ives
I commend Bob for wanting to have friendlies in hostile environments outside the USA. Our team needs to be toughened.