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Hey Jeff, Another thought... when it comes to pair programming, sometimes it's possible to utilize screen-sharing or other tools, but if you've got timezone issues, that can be problematic. One thing I've done in the past that was pretty effective, was to basically require all code check-ins to be peer reviewed. This did a number of things. First, and most obviously, it meant that code reviews were being done on a regular and ongoing basis. Second, it meant that at least one other person was cross trained on your code. Third, it forced us to keep our code check-ins relatively small and discreet. Big, ungainly check-ins made the peer review process difficult. So, best to keep things small and manageable. Most importantly, it fits nicely into the distributed, disconnected nature of working in a remote environment. Sam
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on On Working Remotely at Coding Horror
Hey Jeff, When it comes to team and individual status reports, I highly recommend using blogs or a wiki. There are a ton of tools you can leverage to do this. The nice thing is that they become backed up, searchable and even subscribable via RSS. This is also something Google Wave looks very promising for, though I haven't personally tried with that. I've definitely had good results with blogs and wikis though. Also, it goes without saying in most cases, but remote development DEMANDS that you follow all your tried-and-true, software engineering practices like using source control, automated testing, continuous integration, etc. I generally like to keep tabs on teams like Apache, Spring and OpenBSD for guidance in these practice areas. They are truly effective at doing this stuff. Good luck! Sam Wilson
Toggle Commented May 6, 2010 on On Working Remotely at Coding Horror
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May 6, 2010