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Daylight Saving Time is one of these things some countries and cultures apparently use just because "oh well, we always did it, so why stop now", and noone even stops to wonder why are they doing it. I may need to think about this for some minutes, but right now, I'd say any of the issues DST attempts to "fix" could be fixed if whoever sheduled something early in the morning or late in the afternoon had not done it that way in the first place. And I don't think I've ever experienced a schedule which DST actually helped to improve...
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I should have checked it before I spoke: Lightspark isn't actually available for Mac OS, although gnash can be built for Mac OS. A thousand apologies.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Shockwave Flash on my Macintosh at WWdN: In Exile
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The sad thing is how the very same thing could have been achieved by setting a multimedia container and companion audio and video codecs as "standard" for video distribution over the web, using the good old OBJECT tag. And some people actually see Adobe Flash as an improvement over OBJECT for video. Kind of reminds Homer in The Simpsons: Movie picking glue to climb the dome (there were jet packs and suction cups, too). It's slow, it's considered one of the most vulnerable pieces of software and it is not widely supported (Windows and a couple Unices over a couple CPU arches?). But, as always, it's vendor lock-in, if you for some reason need to get a faithful representation of the content, you have to use the Adobe version. As Flash is so overused, blocking by default and whitelisting is a good solution; there is also Lightspark which aims at providing a faster implementation of AVM2 (newer flash files — can be used with gnash to support AVM1 too).
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Shockwave Flash on my Macintosh at WWdN: In Exile
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Feb 17, 2012