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I find it amusing that "Ruby isn't cool anymore" is a reason for adoption. The folks who thought Ruby was cool years ago put in the work to make it reliable and stable; they could see the promise, and thought that it'd give them an advantage despite the hurdles they had to overcome. There's nothing wrong with the conservative approach, I suppose. But in my opinion, jumping in to *start* using a technology when it seems like the momentum is fading in favor of more capable platforms (Scala, in my case) seems backwards. Some of those of us who have moved on (I spent a fair bit of time writing Ruby before I switched to Scala) decided on the new option not because it was "cool" but because it *offered us more.* The same reason that led me to start using Ruby in 2005 instead of Java and Perl, led me to Scala in 2008. This isn't of course to say that Scala is some sort of "language for the ages" either - of course it has its warts; more that, by choosing a language partly because it's "no longer cool" you're perpetually dooming yourself to mediocrity; why not use the best tool you can find, rather than worrying about popularity one way or the other?
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2013 on Why Ruby? at Coding Horror
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Mar 27, 2013