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Haven't the Japanese been doing this for years? I just passed through the very beautiful and modern Incheon airport in Seoul, Korea. I had two hours to take advantage of an in-terminal hotel room. Massage spots. Internet spots. Shower spots (I had one for $9 and well worth it). All niche profit segments. I recall sleep pods in Narita Airport (Tokyo) 15 years ago. And sleep pod hotel rooms for the Tokyo exec working super late or meeting a mistress on the side. And I did a 10 minute oxygen bar session in McCarren Airport in Las Vegas two weeks ago, for $15. So sleep is coming to the city that never sleeps. Sounds great. Given the recent cancer scare on tanning spas, maybe it will do well.
CK, love the topic. This sounds completely logical. I think everyone has some level of intuitive power. It's just an aspect of our nature. And we can nurture it through meditation and similar practices.
MySpace is another world for sure...MTV meets Lord of the Flies. And its just so appropriate that Rupert Murdoch now owns it, right? Anyone know his MySpace home page?
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2006 on Love is easy. Commitment's the thing. at CK's Blog
I can certainly vouch for the influence of CK. Over a period of several weeks, she influenced me to get into blogging, as a way of benefiting clients of my PR firm, It worked. This week we were featured by PR WEEK in a 'Critical Hit of the Week' article on, a client that has developed a revolutionary eCommmerce platform for selling music, DVDs, books and games. We launched GoodStorm's MeCommerce™ service via bloggers, and their exposure led to key placements in Motley Fool and the Financial Times. So all thanks to CK...always persistent, smart, forward thinking and caring.
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First, I represented on the PR side during a former stint at Golin/Harris. Having said that, I think the video was a brilliant move from their standpoint. You and 10,000 other people in the industry are talking about it. If set out to create 'viral,' they did it. They obviously did this to promote themselves...they were trying to win the pitch. They were out to demonstrate that they could create viral. LESSON: the new marketing is all about being non-traditional, non-conformist, and breaking all the rules is step 1. I say give them props because they rose above the clutter and differentiated themselves. The nay sayers will be the ones sitting around the conference table saying, 'geez, I wish I'd thought of it.' And whether or not they won the Subway account, they already won. Because the challenge of ad, PR and marketing agencies now is proving that we can function effectively with 'new' media. They just proved it. Just my take.
Another great post, CK. Inspires me to recall Webshots, who played on WOM before it was popular. Webshots let you download free screensavers to make your computer screen look pretty. The WOM and virality started when my friend or office mate passed my pretty screen, and asked where I got the image. Answer: Webshots, and it was free. They joined. Then at Webshots, we could also store personal images online and share them (they invented the photo sharing site), and send free e-cards. And every time an image was shared or an e-card sent, there was a link inviting the recipient to open a free Webshots account. All viral. All WOM. And the company sold twice for $85 million. Webshots spent zero dollars on advertising. Yet, they had 500,000 downloads a week of their free applicationn. My point is that CK is correct: there is no standard way to achieve WOM or virality. You need a great product, service of widgit. Then you need a creative, organic elements. In the end, however, it is the consumers who execute the campaign for you. You provide the tools. They become your advocoates.
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I would love to see YOU especially dump the PC, as the creative, forward thinking brilliant soul you are. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2006 on On being human... at CK's Blog
We've always been able to rely on Apple for highly innovative product design and advertising. Apple is a lifestyle through the iPod, an artistic expression through its beautiful looking desktop computers, and a creative resource through wonderfully engineered and user friendly multi-media software. Even before the ad cited in CK's insightful post, who remembers the ultra oool iPOD ads - shadow figures with white headphones grooving to music. Apple is flowing with life and spirit. I'm happy that my brother Allyn - a longtime PC user - has switched. Time for CK? Take the leap!!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2006 on On being human... at CK's Blog
I fully agree with CK. It was very helpful for me to start blogging by joining the conversation on other blogs. When I started posting my own musings at (blatant self-promotion), I had already been published, so my confidence was high.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2006 on A blog does not a blogger make. at CK's Blog