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Wit NWild
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Romney is a clone of John McCain and will lose to Obama if nominated. He is a liberal leaning moderate being propped up and supported financially by liberal democrats who have supported Obama in the past and who will abandon him and support Obama in the general election. They are doing this to ensure Obama's reelection. Every time the Republicans nominate a "moderate" they get hammered (Ford, Dole). When they nominate conservatives like Reagan, they win. Bush Sr. won because he was perceived as being Reagan continued. When it was discovered that he was not, he was skewered by Bill Clinton. W (Bush 43) won (barely) because he was perceived as conservative and won reelection (barely) because he was in power and Kerry was perceived as too liberal and too weak on terrorism. The Republicans must nominate a conservative that presents a clear choice to Obama or Obama will win. That choice is NOT Obamney. Gingrich would win because he is perceived by most as conservative and because he will not lay down and be steamrolled by the liberal establishment.
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Jan 25, 2012