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Back when I was a wee bearded lad my brother and I would play Heroes and Villains. At some point we were in the middle of some random city fighting with my brother the DM Villain. He had some sort of Zombie coming after me as I was unable to move for a reason I can't remember, so I tossed whatever explosives I had at the zombie. After some dice rolling it was determined the zombie had suffered close to 70% damage, and as an undead creature was still coming forth! (Thus a sword began to glow blue somewhere) I stopped play and queried whether the zombie still had legs, or a head for that matter, after suffering so much damage? How effective could he really be. My brother who was usually very logical (usually to my fault as I am rather illogical) as a DM was taken aback by my sudden awareness of how the world might actually work. He could do nothing but roll to see whether the zombie still had legs, or a head, for that matter. Turns out I rolled the legs off the zombie and he could no longer come at me so fast and was able to move again before he could crawl to me and eat my brains.
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