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I hope it will, that snowball has to start somewhere. ;) This video explains well how it works I think. What I like about it is how it looks at all of us as both producers and consumers of content, which is more and more what this internet-web thing does. Every personal diary blogger out there *creates* something (but he or she might possibly not get as much flattrs as, say, an awesome short story by Wil Wheaton). :) Above all it's easy to set up, it can be as expensive as you like and then all you have to do is click to give money to things you like.
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Awesome! I'll be paying for this as soon as I'm not at work. :) BUT, I'd also love to Flattr this. Can I, please please please? I think it might be just your kind of thing? :) (If I knew how to not sound like a bloody spam comment I would... >_
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Feb 11, 2011