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Attacking options I should have said. And he used the tone that belittled Klinsi because of his options and made Bradley look sympathetic because his options weren't as good.
Getting scored on is not a reflection on attacking prowlers, otherwise Antigua would be the most attacking team left. Most of the goals scored in under 20 mins were straight through the middle because under Bradley, players didn't press. They filled spaces to create a wall. Klinsi has encouraged his team to step up. That's more offensive defense than under Bradley. Klinsi is building from the back.
Ives again I have to wonder if you're just out to throw criticism on Klinsi. You keep repeating that Klinsi's attack is only better because he has players peaking under him. That's a poor excuse as every previous manager can say that including Arena or Klinsi about the current German team. And while the likes of Jozy and Bradley are better now, we have not seen tangible results on the national team. Jozy has stopped scoring and Bradley has always been our best CM player. Dempsey has played wonderfully, but Donovan has gone downhill. It's balanced. If anything, Klinsi is rebuilding our defense when Bradley had a stacked one of Dolo, Gooch, DeMerit and Boca all at their prime.
Ives you don't see any way Klinsi's team is more on the same page than under Bradley? Have you already forgotten how often under Bradley we let a goal in within 15/20 mins? How is that a team playing on one page? Klinsi has plugged the early leaks and chaos.
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Sep 26, 2012