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As someone who works for a big e-commerce solutions company, albeit in the shittiest possible position, I can confidently tell you that there is ZERO accountability in the shipping industry. It is a source of much frustration for me. There is also damn near zero accountability in much of e-commerce, but ya know. Digital distribution is the way to go, it is much harder to screw up a download!
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Just bought the pdf and read it on my wife's nook! Awesome stuff. In particular, I really enjoyed both The Day After and Poor Places. Room 302 struck me as a bit vague, but I'll give it a re-read later on, maybe I'll get it. Fantastic work. Don't listen to that internal jackass who says you suck. He sucks. Keep writing, and get us that novel we're all waiting for. Thanks for a good(if short) read.
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Fantastic. That is all.
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Thanks for the info on the new FB evil Wil. I hate it, but will never know anything that's going on without it. No one tells anyone about things anymore, they just assume you saw it on FB. Pisses me off. Thanks!
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Aug 24, 2010