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Patrick O'Callaghan
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Comment from Ladislav Vostrovsky: "ROMNEY: Goldman Sachs $367,200 - Credit Suisse $203,750 - Morgan Stanley $199,800 - HIG Capital $186,500 - Barclays $157,750 DR PAUL: USArmy $24,503, USAir Force $23,335, USNavy $17,432, MasonCapital Mngmt $14,000 Microsoft $13,398 Boeing $10,620, Google $10,390 Why in the heck is Romney supported by bankers if he wants to end bailouts and Dr. Paul by military complex if he wants to end the wars is beyond my comprehension. Somebody can help me?" Yes, I can help. Firstly, you'll agree that the difference in magnitude of the donations is quite large with Romney pulling in hundreds of thousands from the big banks, and Paul's in the tens of thousands. More importantly, the military is not an organisation which is permitted to or provided funds to endorse any candidate. The donations come from individual servicemen and women spending their own salaries on behalf of themselves. The big banks fund Romney because they know he will vote their way, and the military personnel fund Paul because they believe he would never put them in harm's way for political reasons. Remember please that these are active military personnel, hardly cowards looking to stay at home, but rather greatly war-weary and suspicious of the motives of those in power who might use them as pawns to further their own political agendas. And finally, you must take into account the fact that Goldman Sachs funds both Romney and Obama - how's that for hedging your bets?
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Jan 8, 2012