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I agree computers are stronger than most humans, especially in Game 30 like the Kasparov Vs Deep Blue match. In normal controls, such as 45/2, then 25/1, and even longer for championship matches, I think Kasparov's positional ability might have overcome. Moreover, I wonder if the computer would have won if the operators would have accepted obvious draws, instead of making G.K. Sweat it out for many more tedious moves. A human would have agreed to the draw and rested for the next game. Moreover, the programmers/operators operated Deep Blue from a sealed room, so we really don't know what went on in there. Humans can help a computer search out obviously positive lines to greater depth. But back to the draw thing, it's been known since the beginning that computers don't get scared, they don't get tired, and they don't get hangovers. Companies like Novag and Fidelity would enter them in the big, long chess tournaments and through that attrition, their rating was always inflated. My Super V.I.P. was rated 2000, but I doubt it would give a 1750 player much problem in 45/2 if he were fresh. Ultimately, I think type A will be the answer, brute force. In all honesty, strategy and positional play is merely a substitute for perfect tactics, something G.K. refused to see for the longest time, stating "Computers will never have a human's positional ability"...they don't have to.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on Chess: Computer v. Human at Coding Horror
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Sep 22, 2010