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But it goes back to my point. Yes Haslem deserves all the respect in the world from the Heat and us fans for the job he has done, but unless the Heat is planning to bring Haslem back for 2010 as our starting Power Forward of the future, then why not start the player who you drafted to be just that? Michael Beasley is our reward/compensation for that horrible 15 win season we had to endure, the whole NBA nation was suspicious that Riley was tanking the season to get either Rose or Beasley. Spoeltra even said that a lot has been invested in Beasley. If the Heat knew that it already had a reliable, serviceable PF in Haslem and it was going to be hard to replace the guy, then they should have drafted a position of need like Westbrook (PG) or Brook Lopez (C), instead they created this clog at PF and now they have to play Beasley out of position and if he does not work out there (SF), then basically the invested the #2 overall pick on a bench player, because Haslem is untouchable. If we have 2 very good PF's, then trade one of them and problem solved!
I don't get it. Is Haslem in our long term future plans or Beasley is? If Beasley was drafted to be the PF of the future, why does the Heat goes to all lengths to accommodate Haslem as the starting PF? We all know what Haslem is capable of doing and what he can bring to the table,but unless he is one the big time FA Riley is referring to that we are getting for 2010, why not find out what we have in Beasley to see if a Power Forward is needed in 2010 (Bosh, Boozer)? According to Riley, this is not our season anyways, so why if not starting Haslem and starting Beasley costs us a couple of games. Let Beasley go through the highs and lows of the season to make sure he is ready for when we compete in future seasons, sort of like the approach with Chalmers. Riley has said "I'm not starting anybody over Chalmers". but the same approach is not used towards Beasley, the #2 overall pick in the draft.
The Dolphins need playmakers, both in offense and defense. The Wildcat is used by the Dolphins to cover up their inefficiencies on offense and the inability to move the ball without trickery. The defense always has a tendency to give up the big play (especially on 3rd down). Tedd Ginn, another 1st round bust. What's new? Fail forward fast
Beasley and first rounder (maybe our 2 first roundera next season). Nets still won't do it? Brook Lopez plays a lot like Tim Duncan's style, very good fundamentals.
How about Beasley for Brook Lopez? You guys think is crazy too?
Not sure why some much hate/dislike for Marc Gasol. If the Heat can get him for cheap or by unloading James Jones, you make the move. If you bring Marc Gasol to be the savior of the franchise or to be the 2nd or 3rd player/scorer on the Heat, then yes is a bad move. But if you bring him to build a core with productive young pieces around Wade, is a good move. If JO does not turn out to be what he claims he is going to be in 2009 and does not stay or resign here for 2010 when we make our moves, who do we bring to be our center for 2010 going forward? Bosh? What if we do not get him? In today NBA's is hard to find a good productive young center. Yes he does not have superstar talent, but he is productive. Say Chalmers turns out to be solid in 09 and the future at PG for the Heat and we get Gasol, you immediately have productive pieces at the one and five positions (the most important and difficult positions to fill). We will have a core of Chalmers (PG), Wade (SG), Beasley (PF or SF?) and Gasol (C). All except Wade will be cheap labor for 2010. We bring another superstar, a mid level player and bench help and we have what we have lacked for a while which is depth.
The Heat passed on McClinton on the draft night though. Kind of worries me that they haven't changed their minds on whatever it is they didn't like about him.
Jack McClinton was waived by the Spurs. Watching this video, I see that Jack McClinton can really shoot from anywhere on the court. Hope the Heat offers him an invitation to camp. Who knows, he could be our own version of Eddie House and hit 3 point daggers off the bench for us.
How about a collaboration, guys Ten Truths of Our Off-season: 10. Beasley was never depressed. 9. Spoelstra's 'trip' to the Philippines was staged at a Hollywood studio 8. Only Wade, Q-Rich, J.O., and D Wright are the only members of the Heat to work out with Tim grover for 2 months. 7. Lamar Odom pulled a Mo Williams on us. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Posted by: Somedorkontheweb | September 23, 2009 at 02:23 PM Posted by: eddieomaha | September 23, 2009 at 02:48 PM Posted by: PayPerView | September 23, 2009 at 02:53 PM
John Lucas III
"Antoine Walker is talking to four teams and plans on being in a camp on a non-guaranteed deal next week."
"In the history of the NBA can someone point out a max player that left his franchise during free agency to go to a contender?" Start UD, Praise Spo, Bench Beasley | September 16, 2009 at 12:29 PM =============================== Shaq leaving Orlando for the Lakers is the biggest example. Magic's management even said it took them until now (more than a decade) to be back as title contenders and if they didn't get lucky with the ping pongs in the lottery and get D Howard they probably would still be struggling.
They are about to replay in the radio the interview Sid Rosenberg had with Pat Riley this past Thursday on 560 WQAM in case u did not hear it.
Would this work? Beasley/Jones plus 1st rounder for Brook Lopez/Alston.
Huh? Can Arison work something out with Comcast to do the same over here for Wade? Posted by: OJ-Neon | September 10, 2009 at 08:47 AM Arison wont even get Wade a second all star in a league where contenders usually run 3. What makes you think he'll get him a freaking tv channel? Posted by: Chris | September 10, 2009 at 08:56 AM ================================= I was being sarcastic for pretty much the same reasons you just mentioned.
Frank Isola has heard a rumor that Cablevision will offer LeBron James his own television channel if he lands in New York. ======================= Huh? Can Arison work something out with Comcast to do the same over here for Wade?
I hope one of those pieces Riles is talking about for 2010 is LaMarcus Aldridge.
TOP 10 WORST FREE AGENTS SIGNINGS OF THE DECADE,185489 Stephon Marbury, Jermaine O'neal or T-mac did not make this list
Anyone else getting a 4 day weekend?!? Posted by: JB | September 03, 2009 at 02:05 PM ==================== I wish!
Chris Bosh said: “But I like that we’re not sitting around, waiting around, putting all our eggs in the basket and saying we’re going to wait for 2010 because we want to have [salary] cap space to get players you might not be able to sign. The do-it-now approach is very motivating, for everyone. ================================ Can we hire Bosh as our GM?
We have no cap room, therefore we'd have to match salaries with Rafer Alston or Keyon Dooling...can't be done with just draft picks...look up who's salaries are within like a million dollars of their salaries....unless it's part of a larger trade. Posted by: dsky0921 | September 03, 2009 at 12:41 PM ======================== I meant a trade combined with draft picks but you are right, forgot about the trade exceptions but doubt Riley is looking to add to the luxury tax when he has said we are not in position to exceed the tax since we are not contenders this year.
"Heat Talked To Nets About Alston, Dooling" "The Heat claim that they are looking to add a point guard through a trade, not via free agency. The Miami Herald has reported that the Heat have spoken to the Nets about both Rafer Alston and Keyon Dooling. As of Wednesday nothing had materialized, but the door has been left open for further talks. Both Alston and Dooling have played for the Heat in the past." ===================== Interesting. Who is the Heat looking to trade for one of those players? Or maybe draft picks?
Espn predictions: Where will Wade go? Where will Lebron go? Where will Chris Bosh go? Where will Amare Stoudemire go? --------------------------- Notice that other than (of course) Wade, Miami is a possible destination for all these top FA's in 2010 according a panelists of voters from Espn.