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Boozer? Really? Some perspective: His PER last year was 17.28. Beasley's PER? 17.28. Just saying.
Wouldn't it be something if Beverley takes Chalmers' starting spot? Posted by: BigSarge | June 26, 2009 at 12:12 PM He won't. Don't put too much stock in Beverly. He can play, but he's still a longshot just to make the roster.
Eddie's deal is obviously bogus. No way they're going to lock into Elton Brand long term when they don't even know if Beasley can play the 3. Posted by: JB | June 26, 2009 at 11:58 AM I want a link. But I will say this: That deal still allows Miami to use Beasley as bait for another player. And Arison might be willing to go above the luxury tax for a free agent -- provided Wade signs the extension this summer.
What about this "cat and mouse" game that riley is playing regarding Wade? Posted by: doctorb | June 26, 2009 at 12:21 PM I don't like it. Scares the bejeezus out of me, frankly. What if this team misses the playoffs next year? What if they get the eight seed and get bounced in the first round? Wade is going to look around say, "It's all gravy?" I said it earlier: Either Riley is a genius or he's batsht crazy. I hope it's the former.
Either Pat Riley is a genius or bat-sht crazy. He essentially called his best player onto the carpet. Damn, I hope he knows what he's doing.
come on clarky way to have an adult conversation, iverson for less then middle exception = best deal possible if bosh comes on board, and on the trade deadline we can turn o'neal into chandler and stockvish if new orleans is struggling. Posted by: hotleo20 | June 17, 2009 at 11:51 PM Totally 100 percent agree. IF the Heat land Bosh, then Iverson is a must-have. He has to know that he's coming off the bench, that the team belongs to Wade and he is a complimentary player who has a chance to finally win a ring.
what do you guys think about trading up into the late first round for dajuan summers. then making a trade in the 2nd round for josh heytvelt who might be gone when the heat pick. the heat would need to clear up 2 roster spots and head is one of those spots i would suspect. the other would be trying to trade diwara or wright to free up the other spot while bringing back magloire, anthony and moon on 1 yr deals. really quinny, diawara and dorrell should be out but with salary cap implications, its difficult to maneuver. Posted by: adrian | June 17, 2009 at 05:40 AM I like Summers. Sam Young, too. I think there is value in a couple of small forwards who will be there late in Round 1. They can't be worse than Diarrhea, can they?
Okie, dabbling in clairvoyance can be fun. But, you have been warned. It’s a dangerous, dangerous game, good sir. You break people’s hearts. You break people’s spirits. ::looks in mirror:: Posted by: eddieomaha | June 16, 2009 at 09:17 AM Classic. And that's a good question about whether Toronto is better with Beez. They might be. Defensively, they'd suck out loud. Oughta be able to score a ton, though. All I'm saying is that this summer sets up like so many others for Miami: The chips are there, a big-time player can be had and Riley has shown, time and again, that he is an impatient man.
Sorry, but I don't buy it because Colangelo will not trade Bosh, end of story! Posted by: King Riley | June 15, 2009 at 05:40 PM He has to trade him. Bosh's value continues to slide the closer it gets to the February deadline. Colangelo has no leverage here. I'm not saying I agree with it. I think Beasley's potential is genuine. But I think Miami ain't all that excited about the kid and will move him soon.
Amateur. Posted by: eddieomaha | June 15, 2009 at 07:58 PM We'll see.
Oh ... and Miami is going to make a serious run (prolly sign-and-trade) for one of the three Finals free agents, Odom/Ariza/Hedo.
Bosh is coming to Miami this summer. Beasley is going to Memphis. The No. 2 and a bunch of filler (expirings, draft picks, possibly Daquean) are going to Toronto.
What does Shaq do for Cleveland next year? They the team to beat?
And I definitely agree with the idea of getting Sessions for the MLE. But he wouldn't be the first former Milwaukee Buck to turn down a max MLE deal from the Heat. Posted by: captain charisma | June 11, 2009 at 01:40 PM I'd be shocked if Miami used its MLE this summer. It messes with their available space in 2010, which may prevent them from adding a second superstar to go along with Dwyane Wade. And if they do use it, I've got to imagine there are bigger fish out there than Ramon Sessions -- he's a nice backup, but this team needs a damn small forward.
Damn. Kapono to Philly for Mo Evans. Guess that submarines my Bosh-Kapono to Miami theory. Super.
One more thing, Eddie ... I have to agree that losing Beez-Udonis-Cook is a major blow to the team's depth. But if Toronto is moving Bosh, they're going to want a major package. I think Golden State (Biedrins-Monta) and Chicago (Deng-Tyrus-filler) are the two packages that rival what Miami can offer. But the reason I think the Heat would be the front runner is Beasley's upside. Looking at every rumored deal, Beez is the one guy with superduperstar potential. The big question is this: What is the patience threshhold for Riley and Wade?
1) Bosh hit his ceiling. It's quite possible Beasley puts up the same 22-10 production Bosh provides as early as next year (at 1/3 the price). 2) Loss of depth/future. Not only do you lose Haslem, but Daequan Cook and future picks? Also, with Rocky's contract and Bosh and Wade's extensions, kiss 2010 goodbye. 3) Salary. We take on Kapono's contract, lose Beasley' rookie scale contract, and Haslem's expiring. 4) Defense. The knock on Bosh has been that he's soft. Kapono would end up with the responsibility of guarding opposing threes. Posted by: eddieomaha | June 09, 2009 at 12:08 PM Not saying I agree with it. Just that I think it will happen. In a perfect world, Wade is patient enough to wait for 2010, re-signs here, Riley nabs another max free agent and Miami keeps Beez. My thinking is that Riley doesn't want Wade to even put a toe in the 2010 pool, gets him the running mate like Kobe has and the table is set for other free agents looking to come to South Beach for a ring. I don't know what the best plan is. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like Miami is going to pull the trigger on a major deal with Beez as the centerpiece.
That's a good point, because if he doesn't agree to an extension then it's not worth it for some team to give up anything to get him. But, like I said, if the Lakers, Jazz, Dallas, or Suns are interested I think he'd agree to sign an extension with them. Posted by: JB | June 09, 2009 at 09:45 AM I think he's coming to Miami. This summer. Maybe around the draft. Just a hunch, but it's going to be Bosh-Kapono for some combination of Beez-Haslem-Cook-picks.
I've never heard anyone say anything positive about a play Eric Spoelstra drew up. Posted by: captain charisma | June 09, 2009 at 10:12 AM Have to disagree. Jeff Van Gundy was praising Spo's ability to draw up plays coming out of timeouts in the playoffs. And I can remember two plays during the regular season that were flat brilliant. Midseason against Chicago, Spo calls for Wade to get the ball coming off a screen and sends Marion cutting to the hoop for the game-winner. Later in the season, once again facing the Bulls, Spo drew up the inbounds play that dragged Wade's defender off a pair of screeners and gave him an open path to the rim. Wade blew the reverse layup at the buzzer (he later won it, of course, with the miracle). Spo had some problems, I'll admit. Designing and implementing plays in late-game situations is not one of them.
I'd be happy if Chalmers averages 12ppg next year and eliminates all the stupid fouls and unforced turnovers. Posted by: MikeA | June 03, 2009 at 02:21 PM Numbers for Chalmers are not all that important. His improvement as an on-ball defender, to me, is the most critical part of Mario's development.
Wingspan : Blake Griffin : 6' 11.25" Micheal Beasley : 7' 0.25" Standing reach : Blake Griffin : 8' 9" Michael Beasley : 8' 11" Beasley at SF? Really?! Posted by: cruicruise | June 02, 2009 at 02:01 PM Don't have the data to back this up, but I believe they measure out equally in height. This is the way the media works: Griffin is a true power forward because he "looks" bigger and stronger. Beez is a head case because Derrick Rose was a saint. Funny. Neither of those are true.
Oh, and one more thing: DRAFT TONEY DOUGLAS!!
Let the Cavaliers be a lesson to Miami. You need elite talent to win. One superstar. One near-superstar. And one guy who can get you 20 points on any given night. The Heat are getting closer. Not sure whether Beasley will blossom into the near-superstar, although he can certainly drop 20 on anyone and you'd really have to blow me away in any trade proposals. Hell, I'm starting to have my doubts that Bosh is significantly better than the kid. So, basically, if Miami can convince Wade to stay, the Heat are in great shape. Not just to be a one-year wonder like the Celtics. They're slowly building a dynasty.
bill plaschke called both orlando and lakers before both series started on around the horn, while all the other guys disagreed with him. plaschke >>> barkley Posted by: TylerD | May 30, 2009 at 11:38 PM My bad. Paschke is good. Did he do it in his column or on TV? I read him in the Times, but don't watch that bullspit show.
Holy freaking God! The TNT dudes just had the "Gon' Fishing" deal for the Cavs -- and Lil Penny set Puppet LeBron on fire. Insane. Lil Penny holding a match and Puppet LeBron drowning in flames? Classic.