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Alison O'Konski
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Meh... nevermind. I just watched the full panel on YouTube and Marina wasn't cranky. I think I was the one that was cranky because I had to go back to work. But you guys's were the best part of my weekend nevertheless.
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I have wanted to go to a Trek Convention in... oh... forever. I used to live in PA and didn't have the money to go. I moved to Phoenix almost a decade ago and thought I'd be out to Vegas to one but of course life got in the way. Last year I found out about Comicons and that there was one in Phoenix. Missed that one but vowed at least to go to this one to see the TNG panel this year. I was crushed to find out I had to work the entire Memorial Day weekend! However, I slipped out of work for about an hour on an extended lunch to see you and the rest of the TNG cast. Thanks so much! My day (and weekend) of work went by so much better. I got the feeling Marina didn't want to be there though - she seemed a little cranky. Or was I imagining it?
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I think the correct spelling of "guyses" is "guys's" in the context of what they were asking. Yeah I know - horrible grammar. It's not just an Arizona thing though, I'm from PA and they said it there too... I remember when I was little I used to say "youz guys" too. I don't say either anymore. (At least I hope not)
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Not this week's episode but in last week's episode, where Parrish and Fargo were sitting at the table in the closing scene: for a split second I saw the ghost of Wesley Crusher instead of Parrish. And then the faucet started. I got a tear in my eye lamenting this was the last season. How could SyFy???
Toggle Commented May 19, 2012 on I really miss this place at WWdN: In Exile
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May 19, 2012