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As an occasional printer, digital printing (inkjets) has been a blessing to me. I had been using rental darkrooms which caused me to hurry and limit the number of prints made because of the cost of time+prints. Now I probably spend more money on inks and paper but I can limit the number of prints made because I can do all the corrections in Photoshop or Lightroom. The result is much more satisfying. The digital prints are all much better than anything I produced in the darkroom. I can also make a print at my leisure and not be dependent upon a rental darkroom being available.
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I'm with Frank, waiting anxiously for my X100s to show up, acquiring accessories. Yes, if the X100s is as good as I expect, I'll be selling a camera - a Sony RX100.
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I congratulate you on fulfilling your dream! I'm looking forward to your thoughts and images as you travel. I had the same itinerant photographer dream. I was always wondering how to find the room for a darkroom in an RV and determined the only method was a custom RV. Of course I couldn't begin to afford such a vehicle at the time. As I near retirement I realize the dream is available because of the digital imaging revolution. Sadly, once again the funds are limited to the point I would have to live in the RV full time. Full time RVing is not out of the question except for the problems of growing old which require regular visits to doctors.
In fact I did it for you. All you need is here
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Our local (PDX) disposal organization has a # you can call about disposal of such items. Some chemicals they are willing to dispose of for free, while others carry a relatively small fee based on quantity. Try googling chemical disposal for your county and see what turns up!
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I am another owner of the 45-200. I'm pretty happy with it on my E-P1. I have not had a chance to try it on my new OM-D E-M5 yet but I am sure it will be a good performer. I also have the Olympus 150-300mm lens and I'm very impressed with its performance but it needs to be on a tripod, even with the IBIS of the E-M5.
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The publisher is just going where the largest market resides at this time. Scott Kelby published some interesting share-of-market numbers a couple of months ago when he started introducing Apps and the Android based tablets were miniscule in numbers compared to iPads. I prefer PDF but old school publishers are just myopic at this time.
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I have been wanting to order a CF tripod but was conflicted over spending the money. As I have aged I have been leaving my heavy Bogen behind. This article just pushed me over the edge and I ordered the GT2531 from B&H (yes, I used your link). I'm looking forward to having a lighter weight tripod.
I'm running 64-bit Windows 7 and have had zero problems. It's running on the best hardware I've ever owned which runs Windows - a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp. I have several Windows-based Adobe programs with plug-ins and Sony Vegas for video editing which I have not wanted to replace with the Mac version. 8GB of memory has been enough for my uses.
This is Apples way of keeping badly written apps from hurting anything but the apps own documents. It's generally referred to as "sandboxing." Remember when Windows was young and some programs would crash and take your hard disk with it? Well, iOS is still young and Apple is taking no chances. As a SW Engineer it is actually one of the things I appreciate about iOS, they took the time to protect the user from poorly written apps which could brick a phone. Now, about multiple copies for multiple readers. Most users have settled on one PDF reader for their iPads. Unlike you as a PDF publisher, most users only have one copy of a PDF on their device(s).
My suggestion is Sean Bagshaw I think the pricing is about right, good selection of images, professional, timely delivery of prints.
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Ctein, I'm looking forward to your posting! In my collection the old type R prints have horrible, wildly fluctuating, longevity. In contrast the Cibachrome prints are holding up very nicely. I have every confidence the pigment inkjet prints on rag paper will outlast me by several decades. Mike, I am really looking forward to receiving my prints!
Wow, thanks for the information! I was just preparing a book of B&W images to be printed by Blurb. I think I'll just put together a folio.
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Shorpy actually has a usage policy at Where a policy like this seems to enter a grey area is the definition of non-commercial. If your website which uses a Shorpy image contains advertising are you non-commercial? What about this website which contains a link to "Subscribe to LensWork"? It would probably be safer legally to get the photo directly from the Library of Congress website, if it is available. Disclaimer: I am no lawyer but I sure don't want to have to hire one!
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on Question about copyrighted photos at Ask Brooks
I'm a big fan of using Memory Cards and Flash Drives for backup when traveling in addition to the external drive. Flash and Memory Cards can be mailed back from just about anywhere, bypassing the chance of loss due to a transportation mishap whether it be auto or plane. Once home I have a Drobo for local redundancy and a USB hard drive I keep offsite in a safe-deposit box which contains not only image backups but computer backups.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2010 on Cloud backups at LensWork Technology Blog
I'm guessing it is the new, "better", lens correction process which is changing things. Micro 4/3 lenses seem to need a lot of lens correction. It might even be that the conversion is applying the new correction on top of the old correction! Can you turn off the lens correction in LR3 after the Process Version correction to see if it has any effect?
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