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As a CEO, I should admit that Tip #2 is the most normal and adequate behavior every manager would follow (especially in example with a major natural disaster as shown). It is fair for any employee, not just a sales person.
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I guess, I'm going to start the experiment right now. “The customer is always right" is not like "always agree with your customer", you are right!:)
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Nice Marvel Easter Egg. Thanks, Bill, you made my day!
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Nice article. Though, in the end, both marketing and sales have the very same goal - bringing leads into and closing the deal. Afterwards they still have the same purpose of holding the customer and making sure they are brand-loyal.
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Nice point about CRM. However, I would say that sales automation tools are much easier to use as they do not need so much manual entry (even at least at the start).
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Dec 17, 2014